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The 5 Minute PD


The 5 Minute PD- Professional Development in Minutes

The 5 Minute PD



When you don’t have time to plan, prepare and conduct a long professional development try a short one!!

With all the demands that come with being an instructional leader, well planned professional development programs become increasingly more difficult to effectively conduct and maintain. The 5 Minute PD professional development kits are  perfect for improving your ongoing professional development program. Each kit comes with a PD accountability sheet, a short article and a follow up form or resource. Keep track of your meeting date, attendees and meeting content all in one place. These short professional development segments are designed to provide small bits of information so  that teachers can digest and implement.

The 5 Minute PD: Product

Contents of Each Kit

  • 1 Agenda

  • 1 Sign In Sheet

  • 1  Strategy Implementation Form

  • 25 short  article (1 copy for each teacher)

  • 25 Follow Up Forms           (1 copy /teacher)


  • 25  Instructional Resources (1 copy/teacher)


(Use 1 kit each week)


Each kit is good for one professional development session.

The 5 Minute PD  Kits are sold in Packs, Series

  •  5 Minute PD Packs includes 2 or more kits.  Each kit is used during one PD session. The number of kits in included in a pack is the number of weeks your 5 Minute PD will span. (1 kit/week).  Starting at $199


  • 5 Minute PD Series includes 3 or more subject related packs. A PD series can span from 8 to 30 weeks  can lasts for (1 kit/week).  Starting at $999


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