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In a previous post, I spoke about the importance of having an outstanding company logo. Once you find your clever name, the next task is to find a clever or cute logo. Some logos are simply words with fonts. Others logos have an icon attached to it. But people who want to draw more attention to their brand create a company mascot which could be a character of some sort. It could be an animal, person, or hodge podge of the two. You can get very creative as to who or what you want your logo to be. Here is my logo.


The Dream Faux, the official logo of the 25 Dreams Media, Inc.

This is the Dream Faux (fox). She is the official logo of the 25 Dreams brand and my company 25 Dreams Media, Inc. The fox represents me because my last name is Fox spelled Faux. All of my dreams are tied up in music and print publishing. That is why you see the music notes and the books. The pink suit represents business and the power of femininity. Put it all together and you have the Dream Faux.

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