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Education, Dreams and Goddess Things

Greetings my esteemed colleagues, family, friends and soon to be digital family and friends. I am so excited to introduce you to my new blog. It is called Education, Dreams and Goddess Things. You may be saying to yourself those topics do not go together…oh but they do. So my first order of business is to explain the topics and discuss how they are related. That said, I want you to get to know me and my dreams, my passion and my state of mind. In order to know me, you must know what moves me and the three topics listed above move me. Let’s begin with the first, shall we?

  1. Education

Education is not only of my true loves, but it is my trade. I have been educator for over 20 years. I believe in education and it is one of the key factors that determine success and make your dreams come true. No matter what your dreams are you need to be educated in a number of areas. Whether its education in the realm of academia, on the job education, self-improvement, or business knowledge… there is no way around learning. In order to progress we must possess new information, as it changes at the speed of light. Someone once said “Knowledge is the new currency.” I will be providing this currency to my followers on my area of expertise which is English Language Arts Common Core instruction, the standards of teaching and learning in CA and throughout the country. As a trainer of teachers. I will bring great information and resources not only for teachers but parents, students and all stakeholders who are interested in becoming more knowledgeable about student achievement and teaching and learning of students.

2. Dreams

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a dream chaser and dream catcher. I live my life to achieve my 25 dreams. Consequently, I may share things about dream chasing what it takes to live your dreams, or perhaps specific information, skills or tips that help get you closer to capturing your dreams. Many dreamers are entrepreneurs and business owners so this portion of the blog will also focus on building certain aspects of business. As I learn I want to share with you, because education is the key to dreams realized.

3. Goddess Things

Lastly I will talk about my namesake The Teaching Goddess. I will be discussing where the name comes from and basically the energy, spirit and mind state of Teaching Goddesses. So I will share cute posts, quotes and boasts about being a God or Goddess, through my eyes. My tribe Teaching Gods and Goddesses will be enlightened. This is all to come in the forthcoming blog. So I hope you are looking forward to receiving as much as I look forward to giving.

Until next time peace, blessings and progress.

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