3 Ways to Build a Meaningful Brand

So even though I am The Teaching Goddess and my niche is education, I am ultimately in the business of business. I am a business woman. As a person in business, we should always look for ways to build our brand, build awareness of our brand, make our brands better and sometimes rebrand.

When you are branding, you want to provide materials, experiences and images all related to your brand that make people have a reaction. You want people to oooh and ahhh and ask questions about your products and services. You want people to gain a genuine interest in you and what you do. When you present information and media in an interesting manner, you are entertaining them. People begin to take an authentic interests in you and your products . So here are 3 ways to add flare and build that meaningful brand.


1. Have a clever company name - When starting your business, come up with a clever name. Spend some time researching names, or phrases that you like. Look at other business in or out of your industry. What company names make you say, "OMG, that is so clever?" You can also have a play on words. Take a familiar phrase and change the words around. Here are some examples

  • Sole- Man, shoe repair company

  • Curl up & Dye, hair salon

  • Unbeweavable, hair salon that specializes in weaves

  • Thai, me up, a Thai restaurant

  • The Planet of the Grapes, wine sellers

  • The Codfather, a restaurant

  • Jean Claude Van Man, moving company

  • I'm Rick James...Bricks, Lego sellers

Many of the names above come from movies, actors, or perhaps an interesting event that happened at the BET awards years ago before Rick James died. At any rate, just play with this, until you find a name that you like and are excited about.


2. Have an outstanding company logo

Once you find your clever name, find a clever or cute logo. Some logos are simply words with fonts. Others logos have an icon attached to it. But people who want to draw more attention to their brand create a company mascot which would be a character of some sort. It could be an animal, person, or hodge podge of the two. You can get very creative as to who or what you want your logo to be. Here is my logo.


This is the Dream Faux(fox).She is the official logo of the 25 Dreams brand and my company 25 Dreams Media, Inc. The fox represents me because my last name is Fox spelled Faux. All of my dreamsare tied up in music and print publishing. That is why you see the music notes and the books. The pink suit represents business and the power of femininity. Put it all together and you have the Dream Faux. www.25dreams.com.


3. Have a story behind the name

People love stories. Stories are inspiring. If you can tell a good story in an interesting way you are once again, entertaining people. They take a genuine interest in what you do and the services you provide. Is there a meaningful experience that you had that somehow pushed you to begin the business? Why did you start it? How did your life change once you started? How is the business related to your name? Is the business living up to the name or did the business change? When you have a story behind the name, this also provides you the opportunity to speak about your business, thereby building your brand.

The name of my company is 25 Dreams Media, Inc. The name comes from an experience I had with my children when we went to the Natural History Museum. Here is a video of me speaking at a Toastmasters contest. I am telling my story to build my brand.

I hope this helps all the business owners to build their brand in a major way.

Until next time

Peace, Blessings and Progress.

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