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Multiplication Nation 


We provide  our curriculum to support full implementation of this program. 

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Teacher's kit

Partial implementation

If schools or teachers are not able to fully implement the program, then we provide the Teacher’s Kit that allows teachers to implement at their leisure. This kit is a must-have for all grade levels who are not fully implementing the Multiplication Nation program. It’s a surefire way to implement school wide. It can provide intervention for upper elementary, middle and high school students, in order to get them back on track in a flash.

multiply in minutes

student assembly

Get scholars moving, grooving and learning their tables all in one in shot. We use the skip counting methodology to teach students multiplication. At the end of the assembly,   we share products with students and provide order forms for students. If students make a purchase. The school gets 20% of proceeds.

multiply in minutes

Math night


Have some fun with the Multiplication Nation Math night. This educationally entertaining night gets all stakeholders involved by teaching a simple method multiplication. Whole group fun, break out session fun for parents and children.

teacher presentations

This presentation shows teachers a simple strategy that gets kids multiplying in minutes. Teachers will be introduced to the Multiplication Nation system and skip counting methodology. Teachers will experience and practice the system just as their students would.

  • 25 Dreams Rep comes out to conduct presentation

  • Place order within one week of presentation and receive 10% discount

The Multiplication Nation PD provides a more in depth training on the program. It provides teachers with the knowledge they need to implement the program weekly.
​Teacher Presentations are free with a purchase of $3,000 or more. This presentation is great for staff meetings and professional development sessions.

classroom demonstration

The Multiplication Nation classroom workshops, condenses one week of the Multiplication Nation Supplemental Program into a two-hour workshop. This workshop serves as a demonstration for teacher, thereby providing teacher with the knowledge and ability to continue on long after the workshop is over. Students learn the methodology and apply to all tables. Each student receives

  • Multiplication Nation CD

  • Multiplication Nation Practice and Assessment Workbook

  • Workshop Materials

parent presentation

The Multiply In Minutes parent workshop shows parents a simple strategy that gets kids multiplying in minutes. Parents will be introduced to the Multiplication Nations system and skip counting methodology. Parents well experience and practice the system just as their children world. Parents will leave this workshop with a new method of teaching multiplication and having the knowledge to get their kids back on track.


  • Be introduced to the Multiplication Nation program

  • Learn the skip counting methodology

  • Play games that increase concept success

  • Have the knowledge and power to help their child succeed

crash course

afterschool programs

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