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Multiplication Nation CD - This full length CD offers everything your scholars need to sing their way to the answer and multiplication success: songs, instructions and mini-counting chart. Great for the auditory learner!!!

Skip Counting Strips - This complete set of twelve bookmark-sized counting strips provides students with a visual of the number sequences from the songs in which they are to learn. On the back of the skip counting strips the front and multiplication facts on the back. Great for the visual learner!

Multiplication Nation Practice and Assessment Workbook - This two in one workbook contains both a practice component as well as a assessment component.

The Practice Component includes

The Assessment component

  • Practice Pages three sets/table

  • Pre-Tests

  • Tri-Table Practice Pages

  • Post-Tests

  • Cumulative Review

  • Tri-Table Tests


  • Test Taking Affirmations


  • Personal Reflection Pages


  • Progress Tracking Pages

Multiplication Nation Practice and Assessment Workbook