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Multiply in Minutes  Gold Package

Multiplication Nation Gold Package


The Multiplication Nation supplemental program teaches multiplication through a method of counting called skip counting. This program teaches kids how to access the answers rather than memorize 144 facts. This program appeals to all learners, reinforces new learning and rewards students for their achievement. Above all it
gets kids multiplying in minutes.


The Multiply iin Minutes with Multiplication Nation  Gold Package  includes:


  1. Multiplication Nation Audio Download - skip counting songs
  2. Multiplication Nation Sing Along Video Access - 
  3. Multiplication Nation Sing Along Counting Strips
  4. Multiplication Nation Cut and Study Flash Cards
  5. Multiplication Nation Practice and Assessment Worbook
  6. Multiplication Nation  Quick Reference Sheet
  7. Multiplication Nation  Quick Start Guide



Users can begin multiplying within an hour  for students ages 8 and up, if the music and the method is used correctly. 


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Multiply in Minutes Gold Package

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