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Megan Faux  The  Teaching Goddess, MA

AKA the Product Polygamist

Author Publisher Speaker, Coach,  Product Creation Strategist

ELA Instructional Goddess in Education

Product Creation Strategist in Business

Megan Faux is an entertainingly, inspirational storyteller and  a “Living  your Dreams” enthusiast who is positively touching  lives,  by  encouraging,  educating &inspiring teens, women and  anyone she comes in contact with to use education as a means  live their 25dreams.

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Most Requested Topics by Industry

Megan Faux The Teaching Goddess speaks on the following topics for adults and youth segments:

Educational Topics

  • Getting to the Core of Common Core Writing Instruction

  • Engaging Student Engagement: Cultivating a culture of engagement

  • Engaging Students in Authentic Writing

  • Planning and Engaging English Language Learners

  • Test Prep Lies Within Instruction: Non-Negotiable Instructional Practices for Common Core Success

  • Raising a Stem Nation Through Multiplication

  • Academic Discussion that Fosters Student Achievement


Character Building and Life Skills 

  • The 25 Dream Campaign

  • The Journey of a Dreamer: From Dream Seeker to Dream Catcher

  • Ten Qualities You Need to Achieve Your Dreams

  • Building the Empire: From Passion to Products

  • Red Flags Purple Ribbons (Domestic Violence Prevention)


Engagement Types

  • Professional Developments 


  • Conference keynotes

  • Panel discussions

  • Moderated Q&A session



Pricing for every engagement is tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Fees are based on type of engagement, travel time required, size of audience, length of engagement, preparation needed, materials needed and organization type. To request a quote please fill in the form below. Requesting organizations pay roundtrip airfare, ground transportation & parking, hotel.

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K-8 Educational Institutions

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Multiply in Minutes with Multiplication Nation

 Discover an easy way to get scholars multiplying in minutes with this fun interactive presentation that will wow both students and adults. 


Academic Vocabulary: A major  player in the game of testing is academic vocabulary.  Discover vital tools, practices and non-negotiable vocabulary that will improve academic performance and testing success.


Simple Secrets to SBAC Success: Test preparation lies within daily Instructional practices. Discover itty-bitty strategies that will positively impact  teaching and learning thereby promoting testing success.

Teens College Goers  Lifelong Learners & Dream Chasers

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Domestic Violence Prevention Red  Flags Purple Ribbons: This presentation brings awareness to the signs of abuse and types of abuse, so that intimate partner abuse can be prevented before it begins.  


Live your 25 Dreams- Learn how the brand 25 Dreams came into existence while becoming inspired to live your 25 Dreams. 


The Qualities you need to achieve your dreams – Many people dream but how many people  have the qualities needed to achieve dreams?  This topic  discusses  the qualities needed to achieve your dreams