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25 Dreams Media, Inc., is an educational music and print publishing company dedicated to delivering educational information to students, teachers, principals and parents in multiple mediums. 25 Dreams Media, Inc. is set up with multiple divisions. Each division delivers educational information in the following Divisions:

  • Print Division – creates, prints and distributes print and digital media including

    but not limited to educational curriculum, books, magazines, workbooks, workshop materials, bookmarks, posters, apps and all prints materials necessary to deliver intended message.

  • Music Division – creates and distributes educational music centered around educational concepts for students in various subject areas.

  • Entertainment Division – This division is dedicated to educational entertainment including educational concerts, assemblies and stage-plays for students that support our educational initiatives .

  • Licensing division –Takes the characters, brands, and other intellectual property that belong to 25 Dreams Media, Inc. and seeks out licensing partners as a means to build the 25 Dreams brand, and all of our properties

  • Consulting Division – provides coaching, consulting, and professional development to teachers, parents, principals, district administrators or any educational stakeholder looking to improve teaching and learning in their home, school or district.

  • The 25 Dream Campaign (Non-Profit Arm) —This is the non-profit sector of the company. We educate students and women in underserved population on how to live their dreams, through education. We also conduct the Adopt A School Campaign where we work with business partners to provide services to schools that will build STEM and STEAM capacity of students. 


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Our Beliefs


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The mission of 25 Dreams Media is to educate the nation, through music, print and oration. We use any means necessary to deliver our intended message. While educating both adults and children we understand that individuals have various learning styles and we attend to them all.


Our vision is to become a media empire, providing products and services to schools and district throughout the world. We also aspire to be a leader in the children’s edutainment thereby bringing diversity to the marketplace .


  • We believe in believe and we believe nothing less .

  • We believe that learning makes dreams come true.

  • We believe everyone can learn if they are taught.

  • We believe that providing education and information in multiple mediums

    ensures information is rendered and retained.

  • We believe everyone should live their life to achieve their 25 Dreams. 

Do you need someone to tell an inspirational story about making their dreams come true?

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The Dream Fox - Logo for 25 Dreams Media, Inc.


Often times when people see the logo of the
company, they say “ What does this logo have to do with 25 Dreams?” Well the Dream Faux represents our founder and CEO, The Teaching Goddess Megan Faux. (Get it, Faux...her last name) . She is professional woman, hence the attire. If you can see her shoes they are crystalized. The crystalized shoes represent crystal clear dreams. The foundation of her 25 Dreams lie within print and music media which is why you see the books and the music notes . There you have it. Now you know what the dream faux is all about.