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Multiply in Minutes with Multiplication Nation

The Multiply In Minutes with Multiplication Nation Program is a proven system that gets scholars multiplying in minutes through the use of music and the skip counting methodology.

The Multiplication Nation program

  • Teaches to all learners (Visual Auditory, Kinesthetic, Tactile)

  • Teachers Multiplication and Division Swiftly

  • Is Common Core Aligned

  • Reaches Level Four on the Webb’s Depth of Knowledge Wheel

  • Gets struggling upper elementary students and middle school students back on multiplication track in a flash

  • Is perfect for intervention, afterschool and Special Education Programs

See this scholar mulitply in a matter of minutes

MIM Gold Image.png

The Multiply In Minutes with Multiplication Nation Program  

  • Multiplication Nation CD

  • Multiplication Nation Sing Along Counting Strips

  • Multiplication Nation Workbook

  • Multiplication Nation Poster

  • Multiplication Nation Table Helper

  • Multiplication Nation Flash Card Set 

  • Multiplication Nation Trading Card Set 

  • Quick Start Guide  for  Parents

  • Teacher's Guide

Watch the 

Ten Fold Sing Along video

Olivia was a tutoring client.  She learned to multiply by a specific table in a matter of minutes. Using the my methodology, the special music the counting strips and practice and assessment workbook, she flourished.  If this program is used as recommended yours scholars can learn to multiply in a flash. This program has helped teenagers who could not multiply get back on math track. ​

Take a listen to the music below

Tiffney Cambridge, 

Educator, Author, Reality Star

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